All Kinds Drafting Services Providing Steady Service Despite Honolulu Building Department COVID Adjustments

March 25, Honolulu Department of Permitting and Planning (DPP) stops all in-person meetings

July 31, 2020 DPP announces “DPP changing residential building permit application process”

August 10, 2020 After a brief return to scheduled appointments, the DPP again announced it would cease in-person appointments

What do all these procedural changes mean for our customers and their projects?

Faster starts with reliable service

Since I started routing building plans in March, DPP removed the log jam slowing down the start of the building permit process by replacing hours-long, uncertain queues with drop-off and pick-up procedures for all departments. I estimate this cuts the permit processing time by at least a week because I don’t have to wait to get your project’s building permit started. Woohoo!

“Can I get my building permit faster now?”

Most of our clients are renovating homes, so they need residential building permits. According to the July 31 press release, the final step—the plan review—is now in the front, but all other departmental approvals are still required. Clients probably won’t see much of a change in the time it takes to get a building permit: about two months.

Considering that over 1,000 building permits are issued each month, even in 2020, the DPP staff are doing a surprisingly steady job of checking thousands of rules and regulations and communicating them to plan makers, homeowners, and contractors. They return phone calls and emails promptly and try to be helpful.

What about the most recent change?

Without in-person meetings, everyone relies more on email to send forms, ask questions, and notify of plan comments and fees. The increased written communication can help clarify issues and serve as documentation. DPP staff are also often available by phone.

With their assistance and our clients’ good faith, All Kinds Drafting Services continues chugging steadily on, working hard for you. We give you what you want whenever possible, and keep you in the loop. Nothing fancy, only 40+ years of experience, and reliable service.


Image by Wendi Lau