About Me

Mike Lau with wife Soleah Tirase and the newest pack member Peanut

All Kinds Drafting Services is a one-architect shop, in business since the 1980s. At various times, my three children have joined me as project manager, client services coordinator, researcher, building permit processor, and now ESCP (Erosion and Sediment Control Plan) coordinator.

Through it all, my patient, akamai wife Soleah has supported, encouraged, and challenged me. For most of the business’ life, she did all these jobs by herself. I attribute my success, my longevity, and my thankful outlook to her.

My Drafting and Design Philosophy

I listen to the customer. Sometimes a client brings in a sketch or photo to convey the general idea she wants. In those situations, we work together to turn a feeling or idea into specific architectural plans required for a building permit and by the contractor.

I’m a simple man. I don’t have grandiose ideas the customer should accept because I know better. People want what they want, so I listen and do my best to make it happen.

This Kalihi Valley home is located on a narrow, curving road. The owner replaced an unused yard with a much-needed driveway and converted the original garage into a rec room. We also enclosed the patio, remodeled the kitchen, and added an interior laundry.

Scope of Work

I draw plans that have the specifications and detail needed to get a building permit from the Honolulu Department of Planning and Permitting. It’s not a simple or straightforward process, but I’ve been doing this so long, I know what the plan inspectors want.

We do not provide plumbing or electrical plans or interior decorating details. Being very bare bones is how I keep my fees affordable for the average homeowner. Many people in Hawaii know or are related to someone in the building industry they would like to handle the other parts of the design and construction process. After figuring out your budget, I am the man with the plan.

All Kinds Drafting Services provides the basics to get a building permit so the homeowner is free to do the rest himself or shop it out.