A Hard Start With a Sweet Finish

Last Saturday started out going to the care facility we’re helping to obtain building permits for three areas in the facility.  This morning’s site visit was to do measurements for one of these areas and was necessary to satisfy the Building Department Plan Examiner’s comments.

This meeting was required after the second review cycle of the plans because of Building Department policy meant to streamline the permitting process and more efficiently utilize staff efforts to approve and issue building permits. This policy is also meant to minimize the number of people submitting plans to the Building Department without proper knowledge of building codes and who rely on Department of Planning and Permitting staff to provide the how, what and wherefore when submitting the plans and details for review.

So, by the third cycle of plan review, if DPP Comments are not correctly followed up, the Building Permit Application will be cancelled.  This happens when plans have comments on the second cycle and the architect, engineer, drafter, applicant and owner are required to meet with the plan examiner.  Plans will not be accepted for the third cycle review before this meeting is held.

Fortunately, the plan examiner in yesterday’s meeting agreed with our follow-up to his previous comments and only required a few more details for final approval to issue the permit.  

After this morning’s fact finding site visit, a well deserved trip was made to the nearby bakery renowned for chocolate and vanilla eclairs and two boxes were purchased.  The rest of the day was spent sampling the morsels and sketching out the additional details needing to be drafted and included with existing sheets of drawings.

Featured image of our order: custard cremes and chocolate eclairs from Deluxe Pastry Shop in Kaneohe, Hawaii.