Creating Ohana & Accessory Dwelling Units

Building an Ohana Unit or ADU (accessory dwelling unit) is usually about helping family: taking care of grandchildren, keeping an eye out for Popo, and saving some money on housing costs. We have years of experience helping people redesign their houses into multi-generational homes or income-producing spaces.

We can simplify the process for you.

A sample plan

Sample Ohana unit in blue

This floor plan was created for a homeowner who wanted to provide more privacy and independence for her son. He pays less rent than if he lived elsewhere and can come and go as he pleases without disturbing the rest of the household.

This Ohana Unit has a separate entrance and legal kitchen. It is larger than an ADU but must be used by family only. An ADU (800 square feet max.), with a similar floor plan, can be legally rented out for additional income.


  • Lower cost than complete renovation
  • Faster completion time
  • Families members can support each other, have privacy, and pay less rent than being on their own

Who should consider recreating their home space

  • Homeowners with: college students, twenty-somethings in their first jobs, or a grandbaby on the way
  • Aging parents who want to maintain their independence
  • Empty nesters who can convert extra space into additional income
  • Homeowners who want to downsize without selling their home